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1/700 Russia Navy Kuznetsov

1/700 Russia Navy Kuznetsov
1/700 Russia Navy Kuznetsov
This is a plastic model kit, which comes unassembled and unpainted. So glue, model paints and other basic modelling tools are additionally required.

Russia Navy Kuznetsov Dimensions: Long Overall: 306 m Width Overall: 73 m Draft: 11 m Displacement: Standard: 55,000 t Full load: 67,500 t The Kuznetsov Class aircraft carrier was constructed at Nikolayev South Shipyard on the Black Sea in the Ukraine. The Admiral Kuznetsov was launched in 1985. She is the only aircraft carrier in the Russian Navy. The Admiral Kuznetsov supports strategic missile carrying submarines, surface ships and maritime missile-carrying aircraft of the Russian fleet. The ship has the capacity to support 16 Yakovlev Yak-141, 12 Sukhoi Su-33 fixed-wing aircraft and a range of helicopters including four Kamov Ka-27-LD, 18 Kamov Ka-27 PLO, and two Ka-27-S. The ship has a SS-N-19 anti-ship missile system equipped with twelve surface-to-surface missile launchers. The SA-N-9 air defense missile system, with 24 vertical launchers and 192 missiles, defends the ship against anti-ship missiles, aircraft and surface ships. The ship is equipped with an RBU-12000 anti-submarine system with 60 anti-submarine rockets.

Scale: 1:700
Item Type Static kit
Model Brief: L: 435mm W: 100mm
Total Parts: 634pcs
Total Sprues: 30pcs
General Info
TypeScale Model Kit
SubtypeNaval Vessel

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