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1/35 M274 Mule Wheel Mask for Dragon kit

1/35 M274 Mule Wheel Mask for Dragon kit
1/35 M274 Mule Wheel Mask for Dragon kit
Express masks offer an alternative to using decals. Items like stars and crosses can be painted on instead of using decals.

Preparing the masks: Masks should not be stretched during the application process as they are flexible and this could cause deformation. Remove the whole mask if necessary, and then apply again. Once placed on the model, the mask surface should be adjusted to the surface of the model by tracing all the indentations with a pointed wooden stick.
Painting method: Try not to apply two coats of color at the edges of a mask. Instead, apply one color prior to painting the proper camouflage, and apply the other color after the mask is back on. Otherwise, the coating in the areas encased by the mask may be too thick, and after removing the mask the edges of the lighter color may become visible.
General Info
TypeModel Upgrade/Accessory
SubtypePaint Mask / Stencil

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