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1/48 2 & 3 Pz.Div., Das Reich & HJ Panzer IVs (Ausf Hs & Js) Decals

1/48 2 & 3 Pz.Div., Das Reich & HJ Panzer IVs (Ausf Hs & Js) Decals
1/48 2 & 3 Pz.Div., Das Reich & HJ Panzer IVs (Ausf Hs & Js) Decals
Type: water-slide decals

A complete set of numerics for the 2. Pz.Div. Panzer IVs which fought during the Normandy/Normandie campaign. All the notches, curves, breaks, variations found on the numbers have been accurately depicted in this set. Also included are two styles and sizes of "Neptune fork". Of all the 2. Pz.Div Panzer IVs featured in this set, "821" and "825" have their hull side skirts clearly marked from 1 to 5, indicating whether it's a left or right with an "L" or "R".
The second part of this set covers three specific 3. Pz.Div. Panzer IVs. All three vehicles were marked with the black "Berlin Bear" over white shields. The bear markings were really quite simple, as indicated by a close-up in one of the references. The numbers of all three vehicles have been accurately captured. As you can see by the different "2"s of "621" and "624", and "1"s of "621" and "801".
The third portion in the set covers "Das Reich" Panzer IVs fighting also in the Normandy/Normandie area. Although only two sets of markings are provided, the third set can be created by cannibalising the "8"s from "898" to form "831". The spare "3"s and "1"s are located on the top and center-right of the sheet. Yellow DR emblems are also provided.
The last feature of this set covers the HJ Panzer IVs, again, in the Normandy/Normandie battles. Most of the turret numbers are very roughly painted except for "837". It took great pains to create each of the numbers. As you can see, not one of the digits looked exactly the same.
HJ emblems are also provided, in a few variations, the most obivious being the "key" behind the "blitz rune". Some of the photos have this rather perculiar effect that the "key" was of a darker shade as compared to the rest of the emblem, which was undoubtfully in white. So, we deduced that the "key" might have been yellow instead. Anyway, both types are provided - it's up to the modeller to feel which is more right. Also included are black "shields" for the emblem. Some references show that there might be a dark shade behind the emblems, possibly black? Again, it's up to the individual modeller to decide what's best.
The last highlight of this set are the three HJ Panzer IVs that have names painted on the cupolas: "Steffi"; "GERTI", and "WILMA". On "WILMA", there was as second name, "PAULA", on the driver's vision armor block.
Also included are two types of "braun ark" stencilings commonly found on most Panzer IV gun barrels. One version has all letters in small caps, and for the other, only the "A" in "ark" was capitalised.
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