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Enamel Wash for Wargamers - Yellow Wash (35ml)

Enamel Wash for Wargamers - Yellow Wash (35ml)
Yellow Wash especially suitable for light yellow and fantasy finishes.

Washing is the application of a diluted paint in an area, crevice, nook or contour to define and highlight that area. Unlike a filter, the paint is more concentrated. These techniques for defining models and figures are easier and more effective than thinned acrylic paints, especially on large surfaces, as they dry too quickly, can leave the dreaded rims and flow less in difficult areas due to the surface tension of the water.
The shades of the washes are usually dark but vary depending on the sought after effect and the color on which they are applied. In addition, these effects can be mixed and blended to obtain customized variations according to the modeler's taste.
These types of enamel-based washes are applied on the area to be highlighted, and their formulation allows working and modifying the area of influence and the subtlety of the effect with the help of a clean brush or a brush dipped in Thinner.
AK's Wargame range of washes is designed for fantasy and science fiction themed models, where the chromatic combinations make the difference on the gaming tables.
General Info
Scale Non-Scale
Type Weathering / Effects
Subtype Wash / Filter
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