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1/35 Panther Ausf.D & Ausf.A Pz.Abt.51/Pz.Abt.52/15.Pz.Rgt.11.Pz.Div & other units Decals

1/35 Panther Ausf.D & Ausf.A Pz.Abt.51/Pz.Abt.52/15.Pz.Rgt.11.Pz.Div & other units Decals
Type: water-slide decals

All that you'll ever need to mark the Pz.Abt.51 and 52 Panthers accurately. Very thin white-outlined numbers, be it Black or Red. Not forgetting the smaller and differently styled rear turret numbers used by the Pz.Abt.52 vehicles, also in two colours. And it doesn't end here, how about TWO slightly different versions of blood-thirsty Panther heads in 5 colour configurations each? Besides, wouldn't it be impractical to have two slightly different sized stencils of the same head?

In the vehicle-specific marking options provided, two are from Pz.Abt.51, Panthers "435" and "R04".What's unique about "435" is that the rear turret numbers are in plain black while the sides are white-outlined black (to be assembled from the generic numbers provided).

The true identities of Panther "A12 and "A13" are still unknown at the moment, but given the unique turret numbering system, plus the way camouflage and zimmerit has been applied (areas close to the alphanumeric edges have been masked from zimmerit!), they certainly value-add to the set.

Two other Panthers with "identity crisis" are "435" and "438". A few references suggested they were in the Ardennes area. But what's really weird about these two is that the "3"s and "5"s are an exact match to the same digits found in the Pz.Abt.51/52 numeric! The only difference is that the white outlines are slightly thicker in appearance. Could there possibly be a link between the two units?

Lastly, the interestingly marked, camouflaged and zimmerited Panthers of 15.Pz.Rgt. If not for the Early Ausf. A "221", this would have been a dedicated Panther Ausf. D set. However, by leaving out "221", it would seem rather incomplete. To those unfamiliar with 15.Pz.Rgt. Panthers, these vehicles received unique two-toned, soft-edged camouflage pattern, coupled with rather skinny turret numbers. To top it off, the zimmerit pattern on these vehicles are also atypical of the styles commonly found on most Panzers. Straight and vertically-formed (most likely factory applied or by a very neat applicator out in the fields), even on the side skirts!

Also included and often omitted from many Panther decals are the stencilling's found on antenna tube casing and the left hull sides.

How to apply water-slide decals:
1. Preparation: to achieve better result, a gloss or semi-gloss coat is very important. It will make a smooth layer which the decals will suction to and make it much easier to apply and set them.
2. Cut out the decal you need (do it on cutting mat)
3. Grab the decal with tweezers, place it on the surface of the water and leave it for about 20 seconds.
4. Remove the decal from the water and place it on paper towel to remove any excess water.
5. Apply decal solution to the part where the decal is to be placed.
6. Slide the decal off the backing paper on to the model. Using a paint brush or cotton bud is a good way to do this without damaging the decal.
7. Use the brush, knife or cotton bud to position the decal. Using your paper towel, gently dab the decal and soak up the excess water (decal softener is also recommended at this stage. After applying softener, the decal will suction to the part and flatten out smooth.)
8. When the decal is completely dry, give another coat of varnish or Klear/Future to seal it.
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