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New Arrival: Takom 1/35 King Tigers
Pre-order: Amusing Hobby 1/35 WWII German Panther II Prototype Design Plan
Pre-order: Amusing Hobby 1/35 WWII German 30.5cm Morser
Panda Hobby 1/35 BTR VPK-7829 Bumerang Armoured Personnel Carrier
Meng Model 1/24 Hummer H1
Tanker Techniques Magazine Issue No.3 - Dust and Dirt

New Arrivals  
Date Manufacturer(s) Brief Product Info
02 May 2017 Trumpeter Models Restock on 1/16 German SdKfz.182 Kingtiger 2 in 1(Henschel Turret & Porsche Turret) and 1/16 T-34/76 Model 1943 etc.
02 May 2017 AFV Club Restock on 1/35 RAAC Australian Centurion Mk.5/1 Vietnam War etc.
02 May 2017 Resicast New arrival 1/35 Dodge Gantry w/Open Body, Sherman M4A4 DD, UK Airborne Jeep Reconnaissance Conversion Set, D Type Wagon, T-16 Universal Carrier restock on WWI 9.2 inch Heavy Howitzer - Firing Mode, 1/35 QF 3inch 20 CWT Anti-Aircraft Gun on Mk.II Carriage and UK FWD Truck etc.
02 May 2017 Panzer Art New arrival 1/35 Panther A/G Turret, MEXAS C2, Humber Mk.IV, StuG III Ausf.B Upper Hull, Flakvierling 38, Tiger I Late/King Tiger Commander Copula, StuG III F8 Upper Hull, M4A3 Sherman Hull, German Army Recovery Trailer, Cartridge Cases, JS-1 / JS-2 Commander Copula, Road Wheels Sets, US LVT Sand Armour, and DT29 Machine Gun Barrels etc.
02 May 2017 Academy Models New arrival 1/35 M4A3 (76)W Sherman "Battle Of Bulge", 1/35 German Tiger I "Gruppe Fehrmann, Essel 1945" and 1/35 IDF Magach 7C "Gimel" etc.
28 Apr 2017 Star Decals New arrival 1/35 decals for Iranian Tanks & AFVs, German Afrika Mix, Arabic Numerals - Generic Numbers 0-9, Befehlspanzer - German Command & Control Tanks, US 1st Armour Division in North Africa and German Tanks & AFVs in Hungary Decals etc.
25 Apr 2017 K59 Restock on 1/35 WWII German Machine Gun MG34 Fliegerbeschussgerat / MG34 Panzerlauf, MG42 Armoured Mount for SdKfz 250 Neu & SdKfz 251 Ausf.D and Pak40 Upgrade set for Dragon's 7.5cm Pak40/4 AUF RSO etc.
25 Apr 2017 Meng Models Restock on 1/35 USMC M1A1 AIM / US Army M1A1 Abrams Tusk MBT, 1/35 British Heavy Tank Mk.V Male and 1/35 WWI German A7V Tank Krupp etc.
25 Apr 2017 Zvezda Models New arrival 1/72 Russian Fire Support Combat Vehicle BMPT "Terminator", 1/35 German Personnel Carrier Sd.Kfz.251/1 Ausf.B and 1/35 Soviet Heavy Tank KV-1 etc.
25 Apr 2017 Takom Models New arrival 1/35 WWII German Super Heavy Tank Maus V1 / V2, 1/35 British Armoured Personnel Carrier FV432 Mk.2/11/35 German Civilian Car w/Gas Rockets and restock on 1/35 V-2 Rocket Transporter/Erector Meillerwagen and Hanomag SS100 etc.
25 Apr 2017 AMMO by Mig Jimenez New arrival 1/35 Panzer Tiger Ausf.B Henschel Turret King Tiger 1945 (2 in 1) Limited Version etc.
21 Apr 2017 Wilder Restock on 1/35 Dry Transfer - WWII German Factory Markings for Vehicles Variant 1 etc.
21 Apr 2017 U-Models Restock on 1/35 V2 Missile Narrow Gauge Railway Transport Dolly etc.
21 Apr 2017 Voyager Models New arrival 1/35 detail set for 9A52-2 Smerch, Flakpanzer Gepard A2 SPAAG, T-14 Armata Object 148 MBT, Bergepanzer Tiger I, Destroyer M10 Mid Production, Bergepanzer Tiger I Sd.Kfz.185 and 1/35 Lenses and Taillights for Leopard I and Terminator Fire Support Combat Vehicle BMPT etc.
21 Apr 2017 Resicast New arrival 1/35 6inch Howitzer Gun with Girdles, 1/35 P Type Wagon, 1/35 Simplex 20HP, 1/35 Polsten Airborne Anti-Aircraft Gun and 1/35 Bedford QL Cab Detail Set etc.
19 Apr 2017 HobbyBoss Models Restock on 1/16 PzKpfw.VI Tiger I - Mid Production etc.
19 Apr 2017 Plus Model New arrival 1/35 Hanomag RL-20 etc.
11 Apr 2017 AFV Club New arrival 1/35 M40 "Big Shot" 155mm Gun Motor Carriage, 1/35 German 8.8cm L/71 Anti-tank Gun Ammunition and Accessory Set, 1/35 M1126 Stryker 8x8 ICV Infantry Carrier Vehicle, 1/35 M60A3 Patton Main Battle Tank and 1/35 IDF M109 Rochev 1982 etc.
04 Apr 2017 Master Club Restock on 1/35 metal tracks for Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger, Pz.Kpfw.V Panther Ausf.A/D/F/G , Soviet T-10M Heavy Tank, Pz.38(t) Late Type and Valentine/Bishop etc.
30 Mar 2017 Alliance Model Works Restock on Painting Stencils for 1/35 WWII US Vehicle Marking and Painting Stencils - 1/35 WWII German Wehrmacht Panzer Units & Heavy Battalions etc.
30 Mar 2017 ModelKasten Restock on workable track sets for 1/35 M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier, 1/35 Universal Carrier and 1/35 Russian T-55(R) etc.
24 Mar 2017 Riich Models New arrival 1/35 Universal Carrier 3inch Mortar Mk.I, Universal Carrier MMG Mk.II, British Airborne Universal Carrier and Welbike, Universal Carrier Mk.II , Universal Carrier Mk.I with Crew and Skoda RSO-Radschlepper Ost etc.
24 Mar 2017 Bronco Models New arrival 1/35 A17 Vickers, Rheinmetall "Rheintochter" R-2 Anti-Aircraft Missiles and Launcher, DAK "Topolino" Light Staff Car, sWS Supply Ammo Vehicle & Armoured Cargo, Zil-131 Truck, StuG.III Ausf.C/D, Universal Fuel Tank Trailer and restock on 1/35 Sturmgeschutz III Ausf.D in North Africa etc.
23 Mar 2017 ET Models New arrival 1/35 detail sets for ZSU-23-4 Shilka Self-Propelled AA Gun, Leopard 2A7 Main Battle Tank, US Tank Destroyer M10 Mid, Steam Locomotive BR86 DRG, M1919 .30 Cal Machine Gun and 1/35 wheels sets for 9P148 Konkurs (BRDM-2 Spandrel), GAZ39371 High-Mobility Multipurpose Vehicle and Sd.Kfz.234 etc.
23 Mar 2017 Legend Productions New arrival 1/35 IDF Nagmachon Interior Detail Set, IDF Achzarit Detail Set, IDF AFV Towing Horn/Chain Set, Leopard 2A4M CAN Detail Set, IDF Carpet Rocket Set and IDF OWS Set; restock on 1/35 IDF Droid ATMD Sets and AVDS-1790 Engine, Sling and Compartment Sets etc.
23 Mar 2017 Flyhawk New arrival 1/72 German Pz.Kpfw.II Ausf.L Luchs with Additional Armour etc.
15 Mar 2017 Kamizukuri Restock on 1/35 Fake Net II for General Use (Craft Laser-cut Paper kit) etc.
15 Mar 2017 Passion Models New arrival 1/35 M4 Sherman Light Guard and Bending Tools, Russian Self-Propelled Gun SU-76M Photo-Etched Set, Somua S35 Photo-Etched and Barrel Value Set and Panther Ausf.D Photo-Etched w/Jenny's Clamp [Late] Value Set etc.
15 Mar 2017 Master Models New arrival 1/35 ATK Mk 44 (Bushmaster II) 30mm Gun Barrel used on KTO Rosomak & Other Vehicles etc.

1/35 Soviet T-10A Heavy Tank
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1/35 Soviet MT-LB 6MB
Price: AU$114.95
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1/35 Soviet SU-101 SPA
Price: AU$74.95
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1/35 Soviet AT-P Artillery Tractor
Price: AU$74.95
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1/35 Russian AT-S Tractor
Price: AU$120.95
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1/35 JGSDF Type 90 Camouflage Net
Price: AU$23.95
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1/35 JGSDF Type 10 Camouflage Net
Price: AU$23.95
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1/72 Modern US AFV Set No.1 (2pcs)
Price: AU$10.95
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