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Miniart new arrival: 1/35 Soviet Medium Tank T-54B Early Production with Interior
Miniart jsut arrived - 1/35 Soviet Light Tank T-60 Early Series with Interior
Pre-Order: Mirror Model 1/35 CMP Ford F15 & F15A Water Truck
Pre-Order: Panda Hobby 1/35 US M1 Abrams MBT (1980 to Present)
Trumpeter pre-order: 1/16 US M1A1 AIM Main Battle Tank (with Australian Decals)
Trumpeter pre-order: 1/16 US M1A1 AIM Main Battle Tank (with Australian Decals)

New Arrivals  
Date Manufacturer(s) Brief Product Info
20 Nov 2017 Tamiya 1/35 British Army Centurion Mk.III,
1/35 British L.R.D.G. Command Car 30cwt Truck,
20 Nov 2017 Dragon 1/6 US 1/4 Ton Jeep 4x4
20 Nov 2017 Trumpeter Big restock on 1/35 armour model kits
19 Nov 2017 Mouse House Enterprises Decals for 1/35 Long Tan M113A1 APCs, FSPB Balmoral Centurion & Fitter 1968, etc.
07 Nov 2017 AFV Club 1/35 M109A3 2.5-Ton 6,& T16 Workable Track for M3 & M5 &M8 Stuart,
MIM-23 HAWK "Homing All the Way Killer" Surface-to-Air Missile, & US M60A2 Patton
06 Nov 2017 Panda Hobby 1/35 Chinese ZTZ99A Main Battle Tank with Laser Simulation Countermine System,
1/35 Russian Army Bumerang APC VPK-7829, etc.
06 Nov 2017 Voyager Big restock & new release detail-up parts for 1/35 military vehicles, check out featured products,
06 Nov 2017 Tetra Model Works 1/35 US M901 Launching Station w/MIM-104F Patriot System PAC-3 Detail-up Set for Trumpeter,
1/35 British APC FV432 Detail-up Set for Takom Models #02066
05 Nov 2017 Tamiya 1/35 German 3.5ton Truck AHN with 3.7cm Flak 37 AA Gun,
1/35 Jeep Willys MB 1/4 Ton Truck w/Driver, & British 25 Pdr Gun/Quad, etc.
27 Oct 2017 Tamiya 1/16 US M1A2 Abrams Tank, 1/35 US Navy PBR 31 Mk.II "Pibber"
1/35 German Assault Tank IV - Brummbar Late Production, Russian KV-II Gigant
27 Oct 2017 Artwox 1/35 Armoured Fighting Vehicle Tie Down, etc.
26 Oct 2017 Master 1/35 Antenna Comrod VHF3088VM for KTO Rosomak - Straight / Tilted,
KTO Rosomak Smoke Grenade Launcher, 2cm L/65 Flak 38 & Flakvierling 38 Gun Barrels,
Browning M1919 .30 Cal Barrels, etc.
19 Oct 2017 Academy 1/35 USSR T-34/76 "No.183 Factory Production",
1/35 German Tiger-I Ver. Early "Operation Citadel" , etc.
19 Oct 2017 Model Factory Hiro 1/35 PzKpfw.VI Tiger I Ausf.E Late Production (Full Detail kit)
19 Oct 2017 RB Models big restock on its popular metal barrels for armour, ship models
17 Oct 2017 Friulmodel Full range restock including 1/35 metal tracks for:
Tiger II/Hunting Tiger, 1/35 M113, M54,M Chapparal,Vulkan,
TIGER II late /E-50/E-75/E-50 Flakpanzer, Panzer III/IV 1942-1945,
Tiger I Middle-Late, Panzer III/IV 1943-1945, Panther Ausf. D / VK 16.02,
Sherman T48, Tiger I Initial Type, etc.
17 Oct 2017 Aber 1/16 German 1.4m Stabantenne Universal Set for AFV kits,
1/35 122mm A-19 Barrel for ISU-122 for Zvezda kit,
1/35 Tiger B Porsche Turret-early 8.8cm Kw.K 43 (L/71) Gun Barrel for Takom,
1/35 US M10 Tank Destroyer 76.2mm M7 Gun Barrels for Tamiya, etc.
17 Oct 2017 Dragon "The Six-Day War" 1/35 series: IDF M60 w/ERA, Syrian T-34/85, Egyptian Su-100 Tank Destroyer
17 Oct 2017 ModelKasten Restock on workable track sets for 1/35 Panzer IV Final, M113 APC, Tiger I Early Production,
Tamiya T-55(R), Panzer III/IV Middle Production, RSO Tractor, Panzer II Luchs,
Tiger I Late Production, Panzer III/IV Late Model, Praga 38(t), Tiger I late model, etc.

1/35 Russian Army Bumerang APC VPK-7829
Price: AU$64.95
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1/35 US M1 Abrams MBT (1980 to Present)
Price: AU$74.95
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1/6 PLA Type 63 107mm Rocket Launcher
Price: AU$194.95
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1/35 US M67A2 Flamethrower Tank
Price: AU$93.95
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1/35 IDF M3 Halftrack Mortar Carrier
Price: AU$108.95
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