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Acrylic Paint Set - Panther G Interior & Exterior for Rye Field Model #5016
Takom New Release: TAK2087 1/35 US Medium Tank M3 Lee (Late Version)
Plus Model New Arrival: 1/35 Road roller Detroit Diesel 3-53
Takom New Release: 1/35 ROC CM-11 (M48H) Brave Tiger Main Battle Tank
Miniart new arrival: 1/35 Soviet Medium Tank T-54B Early Production with Interior
Miniart jsut arrived - 1/35 Soviet Light Tank T-60 Early Series with Interior

New Arrivals  
Date Manufacturer(s) Brief Product Info
21 Apr 2018 Rye Field Model 1/35 Panther Ausf.G (SdKfz.171) Early/Late w/full interior,
M1A1/M1A2 Abrams, Pzkpfw.VI Tiger I Ausf.E SdKfz.181 Gruppe Fehrmann 1945, etc.
20 Apr 2018 Friulmodel restock on metal tracks for 1/35 Tiger I Middle-Late, Panther Late Type, Grant / LEE / RAM,
SdKfz.7 8t Halftrack, Centurion, Sherman Firefly, etc.
13 Apr 2018 Academy 1/35 German Panzer IV Ausf.H "Ver.Mid", US M1A2 V2 Tusk II MBT,
1/35 WWII T-34/76 747(r) - German Version,
1/35 US M113 Vietnam Version w/Australian Decals, etc.
13 Apr 2018 DN Models Metal Tow Chain for 1/35, 1/32, 1/24, 1/16 AFV
13 Apr 2018 Eureka XXL Full range of tow cable sets for 1/35 military vehicles, including Churchill Tank, PzKpfw.VI Konigstiger Ausf.B, Hetzer, Marder III, Challenger Tank, PzKpfw.V Panther Ausf.D/A, M1 Abrams. Ammo sets for KwK.42, KwK.36, SdKfz.181 Tiger, SdKfz.164/173/182/ 184 KwK.43
06 Apr 2018 K59 1/35 Remote Control MG Mount, MG-34 Machine Gun, 2cm Flak38 Upgrade Set for Dragon, etc.
06 Apr 2018 Voyager Detail parts for 1/35 E-5 (Amusing Hobby/MBK), Kurganets-25 IFV (Panda Hobby), VPK-7289 Bumerang APC (Panda Hobby), Grant Track Covers (Takom), M3A4 Lee (Takom), PzKpfw.VI Ausf.B VK36.01 (Revosys), M915 Tractor/M872 Trailer (Trumpeter), etc.
05 Apr 2018 Plus Model 1/72 Racks for P2V Neptune, Stencils for P2V Neptune, etc.
04 Apr 2018 Italeri 1/56 WWII Allied M3/M3A1 Stuart (28mm) w/3 figures,
1/56 WWII US M18 Hellcat (28mm), etc.
29 Mar 2018 CIX Models 1/35 Harley Mod.6 1909 Civilian Version, Harley Davidson 5D Motorcycle 1909,
1/35 BSA M20 Motorcycle Detail Set for Tamiya #35316,
1/35 Harley Mod.6 1910 Board Track Racer,
1/35 Peugeot Motorcycle Detail Set for Meng #HS-005, etc.
29 Mar 2018 Tetra Model Works Detail Set for 1/35 Russian T-54B Late (Takom),T-54B Early (MiniArt),
Panzer IV Ausf.H (Academy), British APC FV432 (Takom #02066), etc.
28 Mar 2018 Alliance restock
28 Mar 2018 HGW 1/35 Scammell Pioneer SV2S Stencils (water-slide decals),
1/35 Scammel Pioneer R100 Stencils (water-slide decals)
22 Mar 2018 Tiger Models 1/35 Russian T-90MS MBT 2013-2015, French ERC-90 F1 lynx,
1/35 French VBL Milan AT Missile Carrier, Leopard II Revolution I MBT,
1/35 Russian Uralvagonzavod BMPT-72 Terminator II Since 2013, etc.
22 Mar 2018 Master Club Metal Tracks for 1/35 Pz.Kpfw.IV/Jagdpanzer IV 1945 (final type),
M18 "Hellcat", VK4501 (p), King Tiger Gg 26/660/300 Late / Early
BMPT "Terminator" T-72B3M, King Tiger Gg 24/800/300 Early / Late, etc.