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Miniart new arrival: 1/35 Soviet Medium Tank T-54B Early Production with Interior
Miniart jsut arrived - 1/35 Soviet Light Tank T-60 Early Series with Interior
Pre-Order: Mirror Model 1/35 CMP Ford F15 & F15A Water Truck
Pre-Order: Panda Hobby 1/35 US M1 Abrams MBT (1980 to Present)
Trumpeter pre-order: 1/16 US M1A1 AIM Main Battle Tank (with Australian Decals)
Trumpeter pre-order: 1/16 US M1A1 AIM Main Battle Tank (with Australian Decals)

New Arrivals  
Date Manufacturer(s) Brief Product Info
20 Sep 2017 Takom Models Latest Arrivals:
1/35 Israeli Main Battle Tank Merkava Mk.1,
1/35 Israeli Main Battle Tank Merkava Mk.1 Hybrid
19 Sep 2017 Orange Hobby 1/35 US Self-Propelled 155mm Gun M40 Basic Detail Set for Tamiya #35351,
1/35 M40 "Big Shot" 155mm Gun Motor Carriage Basic Detail Set for AFV Club AF35031,
1/35 88mm Kwk43 L71 Barrel sets for German King Tiger
1/35 WWII German Jagdtiger 128mm Pak44/L55 Gun Barrel for Tamiya #35307/35295,
1/35 German 88mm KwK Shells w/Real Wooden Boxes Universal Parts, etc.
18 Sep 2017 ET Models 1/35 German Main Battle Tank Revolution I Leopard II Detail Set For Tiger Model #4629,
1/35 Russian Infantry Fighting Vehicle Detail Set for Trumpeter #05584,
Upgrade Set 1/35 Steam Locomotive BR86 DRG for Trumpeter kit #00217,
1/35 Modern US M1070 HET CPK Cab Detail-up set for HobbyBoss 85502 kit, etc.
18 Sep 2017 MAiM 1/35 Schwabenland Army - T.R.W."Unke" Open Version w/Pilot:Tactical Missile Launcher(2in1), 1/35 Schwabenland Army - T.R.W."Unke" Battle Ver. w/Pilot:Tactical Missile Launcher (2in1), etc.
07 Sep 2017 MiniArt Big shipment including all newly released 1/35 armour kits:
Soviet Medium Tank T-54 (8 versions), German Passenger Car 170V Saloon 4-Door,
German Cargo Truck L1500S, Soviet T-60 Early Series with Interior,
Su-85 Mod. 1944 Early Prod. with Interior, Su-122 Middle Prod. with Interior,
Soviet 2t Truck AAA Type w/Field Kitchen, T-60 (Plant No.37) Early Series with Interior,
Soviet SPG Jagdpanzer Su-85 (r) , German Machine Guns Set (MG-34, MG-42, ZB-53), etc.
05 Sep 2017 Panda Hobby 1/35 Russian Object 695 IFV Kurganets-25, etc.
03 Sep 2017 Dragon 1/35 StuG.III Ausf.A Michael Wittmann LAH Division in Barbarossa 1941,
1/35 SdKfz.250/7 Alte Ieichte , 1/35 Panzer.IV Ausf.F2(G),
1/35 Tiger-1 Early Production PzKpfw.VI, Ausf.E Wittmann's Command Tiger, etc.
03 Sep 2017 Trumpeter 1/16 Russian T-72B MBT,
1/35 Finland/Netherlands M270/A1 MLRS, 1/35 Russian T-90S Modernised (Mod 2013),
1/35 Grille30-30.5cm(Grw)L/16 Morser 'BAR' (BEAR), etc.
29 Aug 2017 Trumpeter Now available: 1/16 US M1A1 AIM Main Battle Tank (with Australian Decals)
29 Aug 2017 Thunder Model Back-in-stock: 1/35 WWII US Army Tractor Case VAI
24 Aug 2017 Bronco 1/35 British Cruiser Tank Mk.II/IIA/IIA CS (3 in 1),
1/35 British Humber MK.III Armoured Car,
1/35 British T17E1 Staghound MK.1 (Late Production) with 12 feet Assault Bridge,
1/35 Hungarian Medium Tank 40.M "Turan" I, etc.
24 Aug 2017 Riich 1/35 WWII German GG400 Generator & Antenna Set (2pcs),
1/35 British Universal Carrier Running Gear & Tracks Set,
1/72 US M109A6 Paladin SPH, M109A2 155mm SPH,
1/35 VCL Light Amphibious Tank A4E12 (3 options),
1/35 ROC Vickers 6-Ton Light Tank (Alt B Early Production),
1/35 Poland Riveted Turret Vickers 6-Ton Light Tank (Alt B Early Production), etc.
24 Aug 2017 Legend Productions 1/35 Leopard AS1 MBT Conversion Set for Meng Model #TS007,
IDF M109 Stowage Set for AFV Club, Mk.48 Machine Guns, etc.
18 Aug 2017 Wolfpack Design 1/35 Modern IDF Tank Track for (Merkava/Magach), & (Reinforced Bata'sh Track) for Academy #13286

1/35 Soviet Medium Tank T-54-3 Mod.1951
Price: AU$68.95
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1/35 Mk.48 Machine Guns Set
Price: AU$16.95
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1/35 TOW Missile Racks Set
Price: AU$26.95
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1/35 Humvee TOW Turret Set
Price: AU$45.95
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1/16 Russian T-72B MBT
Price: AU$307.95
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1/35 Ukrainian T-84 MBT
Price: AU$104.95
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1/16 German Jagdpanther - Late Version
Price: AU$548.95
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1/35 IDF AFV Rear Towing Horn/Chain set
Price: AU$14.95
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