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Trumpeter Models - 1/35 African Freedom Fighters
New Brand introduction - The Bodi Miniatures 1/35 resin figures
Master Box 1/35 WWI German and British Infantrymen
Master Box Pin-Up Femaile Figure kits
Master Box 1/35 WWI British Infantry Before the Attack (5 model figures)
Live Resin 1/35 scale Modern Weapon series

New Arrivals  
Date Manufacturer(s) Brief Product Info
20 Sep 2017 Alpine Miniatures Newly released resin figure kits and head sets:
1/35 WSS NCO at Kharkov (1 figure w/2 different heads),
1/35 WSS Panzer Officers at Kursk Set (2 figures),
1/35 WSS Grenadier at Kharkov (1 figure w/2 different heads), 2-Figure Set,
1/16 German U-Boat Watch Officer (1 figure),
1/35 German Panzer Crew Head Set Vol.1, Vol.2, etc.
18 Sep 2017 MAiM 1/10 US Sergeant, Vietnam 1968,
1/35 Gefechtsroboter "Hammerschlag",
Car Wash Girl Sets in different postures,
1/16 Kiss - Us Gi With German Girl On His Knees (2 figures,3D printed soft resin),
1/16 WWII German Young Pow (1 figure,3D printed soft resin),
1/16 The Blade - Survivor/Zombie Hunter (1 figure,3D printed soft resin),
Pin-up Girl Sets - "We Salute You", etc.
07 Sep 2017 MiniArt New release 1/35 plastic model figures including:
Soviet Villagers (6 figures), German Civilians 1930-1940s,
Soviet Assault Infantry (Winter Camouflage Cloaks), Soviet Artillery Crew,
Soviet Tank Crew at Rest [Special Edition], USMC Tank Crew, etc.
24 Aug 2017 Bronco 1/35 Pheasant 17/25 PDR Anti-Tank Gun Crew Set Tunisia/Sicily/Italy (5 Figures),
1/35 WWII US Truck Crew Set (4 figures), etc.
24 Aug 2017 Legend Productions 1/16 US Navy Seal #2 Mk.48 MG Gunner (3D Sculpted),
1/35 HSGI Universal Modular Magazine Pouches Set, etc.
24 Aug 2017 Hornet Restock on its popular 1/35 heads set
02 Aug 2017 Revell 1/72 Modern British Infantry
28 Jul 2017 Meng 1/35 Middle Easterners (4 Civilian Figures),
1/35 IDF Infantry Set (2000-Now) (4 Figures), etc.
24 July 2017 Royal Models New release 1/35 Selfie Soldier; Russian Tanker; IDF Tank Crew; "Shower Time" etc.
also restock on hot figures: Scuba Diver & Snorkel Diver
24 July 2017 Black Dog 1/32 RFC Mechanic Sets ...

1/35 USMC Tank Crew
Price: AU$17.95
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1/35 Shower Time
Price: AU$18.95
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1/35 Girl with Her Stuff
Price: AU$22.95
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1/35 Russian Tanker Sitting in Turret
Price: AU$18.95
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1/35 Men in NBC Suit
Price: AU$39.95
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1/35 IDF Tank Crew
Price: AU$37.95
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1/35 Universal Soldier
Price: AU$18.95
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1/35 Selfie Soldier
Price: AU$20.95
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1/35 Little Girl - Nancy
Price: AU$15.95
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1/35 Pin-up Girl - "We Salute You"
Price: AU$23.95
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1/35 Car Wash Girls Set with Buckets
Price: AU$68.95
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1/35 Beach Girl #1
Price: AU$22.95
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1/35 Beach Girl #2
Price: AU$22.95
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1/35 German Tank Commander 1946 #2
Price: AU$22.95
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