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New Arrival: Full range of Mr.Paint acrylic paints are now available!
PreOrder: AK Interactive New Diorama series products
Oilbrusher range from AMMO by MIG
AK-Interactive Figure Series Acrylic Paints
502 Abteilung Oil Paint Sets
AMMO of Mig Metal Acrylic Paint Range

New Arrivals  
Date Manufacturer(s) Brief Product Info
03 Jul 2017 HSeng AS186 Regulator Air Compressor with Holding Tank 3.0L ...
03 Jul 2017 Tamiya Models Paint Remover 250ml
Restock on acrylic and enamel paint bottles, sprays, and other related products.
05 Jun 2017 GSI Creos Restock on Water-Based Acrylic Paints, Solvent-Based Acrylic Paints and Mr. Surfacer Series etc.
02 May 2017 LifeColor Restock on Airbrush Cleaner, Acrylic Paint Set - Flesh Paint , Burned Acrylic Paint set, Shades of Black Colour set, Acrylic Paint Set - WWII German Tanks Camouflage 1 and Acrylic Paint Set - Weathered Wood etc.
02 May 2017 Vallejo Restock on Acrylic Model Air Paint Set, Acrylic Model Colour Paint Set, Game Air Acrylic Paint Sets , Model Colour Paint Sets, Metallic Model Colour Paint Set - Liquid Gold, Model Air Paint Sets, Acrylic Paint Set - German Field Grey Uniform, Black Wash and Brush Cleaner / Restorer 85ml etc.
02 May 2017 Mr. Paint New arrival 30ml acrylic paints Smoke Clear, Graphite Metallic, NC-1200, KhV-518, Violet Clear, Red-Brown Clear, Green Clear, Blue Clear, Red Clear, Orange Clear, Yellow Clear, Yellow-Green Clear, Dark Wood, Red Wood, Ochre Wood, Pale Wood and Clear Doped Linen Variant 2 etc.
25 Apr 2017 Paasche Airbrush Restock on Single Action Internal Mix Siphon Feed Airbrush Set, Double Action Siphon Feed Airbrush Set with Three Spray Heads, Vision Airbrush Set and Gravity Feed Airbrush and Compressor Set etc.
21 Apr 2017 Wilder Restock on Nitroline Murky Water Wet Effect (50ml) etc.
11 Apr 2017 AMMO by Mig Jimenez New arrival Soils Sets - Mud and Earth Effect and Oilbrushers Organizer (Dimensions: 20 x 11 x 9cm) etc.
04 Apr 2017 Alclad Restock on High Shine Finishes, Regular Finishes, Gloss Klear Kote 4oz/120ml, Gloss Black Base 4oz/120ml and Burnt Iron 1oz/30ml etc.
04 Apr 2017 Abteilung 502 New arrival 502 Abteilung Fantasy Series Oil Paints and restock on 502 Abteilung Oil Paints etc.
04 Apr 2017 AK-Interactive New arrival Meng Colour Series Acrylic Paints and Pipettes etc.