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Upgrade Set for 1/35 German Panzer KV-2 754(r) for Trumpeter kit #00367


There is no disputing that this Soviet WWII AFV is one ugly behemoth. It may have packed a punch with its 152mm gun, but reliability issues plagued this vehicle right from the start and it proved to be a real flop.

However, this didn't stop the Germans utilising captured vehicles which were initially earmarked for the planned invasion of Malta. The experiences learned from Crete caused the High Command to abandon this so the 754 Rs were turned against their former owners.

Trumpeter produce a very nice version of this vehicle but the absence of PE is very noticeable. This update set, however, completely resolves this!

Not much, if anything, is missed with this set. The internal hatch details with the locking mechanisms are extremely well produced as is the PzIII/IV cupola hatches with the inclusion of resin head pads too being a nice bonus.

You get the usual German tool clamps as well as replacement engine grilles - the kits ones are solid mouldings so the Voyager ones are extremely welcomed.

There is an ammo rack on the rear for spare 152mm rounds (wouldn't like to go into combat with those on the back!!!) which is faithfully produced in PE and you eve get a very thin sheet of wood too. The kit's jerry can rack is also replaced.

There are a couple of downsides, hence 4 stars.

Firstly, the turned brass 152mm barrel has no internal rifling. Very noticeable when you have such a large gun - even in 1/35 scale.

Secondly, the box artwork, as seems to be the case with Voyager, is quite misleading. The fenders are not included. Come on Voyager - stop putting these misleading images on your boxes. Please.

At least BNA have taken the initiative and put a contents description on this site. Well done guys.

Despite the 2 minor points, this is still a very nice update set which turns an ugly duckling into a thing of beauty. Well, not quite, but you know what I mean....


Date Added: 10/11/2009 by Gary Boxall