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Photoetch for 1/35 SdKfz.250/1 Half-Track (6pcs) for Dragon #6117


Dragon's 250/1 Alte is certainly one of their older kits and this is certainly reflected in the quality of mouldings. Unfortunately, for those who wish to model this version, Dragon haven't retooled this kit so one option is to look to the aftermarket sector. This is where LionRoar certainly come to the rescue.

To start with, this set is not for the inexperienced as there is a lot, and I mean a lot, of PE included!

You start with the interior where everything from foot pedals, spring seat backs and instrument panel right through to an MG34 storage rack and floor panels are included. You also get a new storage locker (complete with separate doors and hinges) and a beautifully rendition rear door locking mechanism. One of the issues with the Dragon kit is the lack of clear parts for the vision blocks. Even with their retooled 250 kits this is only partly addressed. LionRoar provide a complete detail set of vision blocks with some acetate sheet to represent the glass.

On the outside, you get the usual tool brackets and clamps, some lifting hooks and tie downs, a fantastic front MG mount and shield that with care, cad fully articulate! The exhaust shroud is supplied as 2 separate parts complete with pressed out louvers. To finish off you get parts for the front lights, complete direction indicators and many other small parts - even a couple of MG34 AA sights.

This really is a complete upgrade kit that, in my view, leaves no stone unturned. As I said before, not for the novice builder, but if you want a 250/1 that looks the part, then this is definitely the kit to go for.


Date Added: 11/10/2009 by Gary Boxall