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New Arrival: Eduard 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf 109F Dual Combo
New Arrival: Airfix 1/48 Curtiss P-40B
New Arrival: Kitty Hawk 1/48 Kaman SH-2G Super Seasprite
New Arrival: Tarangus new release 1/48 Bulldog
New Arrival: Eduard 1/48 Macchi MC.202 Folgore [Limited Edition]
New Arrival: AK-Interactive 1/48 Mikoyan MiG-21PFM

New Arrivals  
Date Manufacturer(s) Brief Product Info
15 Mar 2017 Kamizukuri Restock on 1/48 British Aircraft Standard Seat Belt (for 4 Planes) etc.
15 Mar 2017 Master Models New arrival barrels and pitot tubes in variety scales for Boeing AH-64 Apache, Mil Mi-24 Hind D/E, Douglas A-1 Skyraider, Mikoyan MiG-25 Foxbat, Mikoyan MiG-25PD/PDS Foxbat E, and Mikoyan MiG-31 Foxhound etc.
10 Mar 2017 Small Staff New release 1/48 engines for Le Rhone 9J (110 hp), Oberursel Ur.II (110 hp), Gnome 7 Lambda / Oberursel U.0 (80 hp), Gnome 14 Lambda-Lambda / Oberursel U.III (160 hp) and also resin model kit 1/72 Polikarpov I-3, 1/72 Polikarpov I-3 etc.
10 Mar 2017 Montex New arrival 1/24 paint masks for Hawker Typhoon Mk.Ib Car Door, 1/32 paint masks for PZL P-11c, Fiat CR.42, Yakovlev Yak-3, Hawker Tempest Mk.V , and also 1/48 paint masks for English Electric Canberra B.2/B.20, Curtiss P-40B Warhawk...
10 Mar 2017 Metallic Details New release detail sets and model kits including 1/48 Mitsubishi A5M2b Claude, 1/144 Tu-144 Detail Set for ICM , B-29 Flaps for Revell-Monogram , SR-71 Grids, Jet Nozzles & Inlet Cones for Italeri/Testors , C-45 Big Detail Set for ICM , B-24 Liberator Engine Pratt & Whitney R-1830 Twin Wasp w/Supercharger etc.
3 Mar 2017 Hobby Boss new release 1/48 Sukhoi Su-34, Su-30MKK Flanker G, AMX A-11B Trainer, & BAe Hawk Mk.200/208/209, and also 1/35 Fieseler Fi-156 A-0/C-1 Storch...
3 Mar 2017 Dragon 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf 110D-3 Heavy Fighter-Bomber
2 Mar 2017 Ozmods 1/144 Bristol Freighter Mk.31 with Decals for SAFE Air (NZ) &British United
1/144 Bristol Freighter Mk.31 with decals for RAF and RNZAF
27 Feb 2017 Eduard New release detail sets and model kits including 1/32 P-47D Thunderbolt "Dottie Mae", 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf 109F Dual Combo and 1/48 The Sound of Silence: A-4 & MiG-21PFM, see all new arrivals ...
27 Feb 2017 Taurus 1/32 Engines sets including - Oberursel U.0/UI/U.III, & Bentley BR.2
1/32 complete timing gear sets and spark plugs ...
23 Feb 2017 Tamiya 1/48 Kawasaki Ki-61-Id Hien (Tony) with figure
1/48 Nakajima Hayate (Frank) and Kurogane Scenery Set with figures
23 Feb 2017 Airfix 1/48 Curtiss P-40B, 1/72 Handley-Page Victor B.2
20 Feb 2017 Kitty Hawk 1/48 Sukhoi Su-17M3/M4 Fitter & Dassault Super Etendard IVP/IVM
19 Feb 2017 Trumpeter 1/48 Boulton-Paul Defiant F1
12 Feb 2017 Aires upgrade sets including Cockpits for Ju 87D/G Stuka, Bf 109G-5 &109G-6, Phantom II, and Exhaust Nozzles for F-14A Tomcat etc. Click here to see all ...
12 Feb 2017 QuickBoost New release resin detail parts for 1/32 Fw 190F-8, Fw 190D-9, 1/48 Bf 109G, Tornado IDS, Super Etendard etc. Click here to see all
9 Feb 2017 RB Productions 1/32 Dornier Do 335 Radiators Complete Set for Zoukei-Mura kit
1/32 Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka Type 22 & Ground-Handing Trolley
1/24, 1/32 Seatbelts Sets for Luftwaffe / USAF / USN
6 Feb 2017 Meng 1/48 North American P-51D Mustang Fighter with Decals ...
4 Feb 2017 Kinetic 1/48 McDonnell-Douglas F/A-18A+/B/CF-188 with RAAF Decals
1/48 Sukhoi Su-33 Flanker D ...

1/32 Dornier Do 335A-0 Pfeil
Price: AU$297.95
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1/48 Horten Ho 229
Price: AU$102.95
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1/48 Dassault Etendard IVP/IVM
Price: AU$78.95
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1/48 Swiss Dassault Mirage IIIS/RS
Price: AU$83.95
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1/72 Russian Sukhoi Su-33 Flanker D
Price: AU$71.95
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1/48 Boulton-Paul Defiant F1
Price: AU$54.95
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